My Story

I began my Scentsy journey in May 2010.  I originally signed up to sell Scentsy to be a financial blessing to my husband and family.  I remember thinking..."who doesn't want their homes to smell wonderful?"  Now, although I love my role as a stay-at-home mom to 3 (9, 7, 4) and wife to Don, I love the blessing Scentsy has been to me and our family. My why has changed several times in 4 years.  Right now, it is to make our house payment every month.  This will free us up a little to be able to enjoy our family and make more memories with them as well as blessing others.  It has changed me dramatically.  If someone had asked me 4 yrs ago if I'd be doing this, I would have called them crazy!  I would never have imagined myself standing in front of people doing a presentation (no matter how short)!  It has brought me out of a shell that I had been locked in for years.  I believe that is another reason the Lord brought it into my life. I love going to work and ending up at a party where I get to watch people (including men & kids) smell our scents and dive into conversations of what that particular scent reminds them of.  I love being able to help people pick out that PERFECT scent for them and their families.  Skeptical?  Host a party.  If after your party, you feel Scentsy is something you'd like to pursue, the party, including the sales and bookings, is questions asked.  If not, no harm done.  I'll enter the party and deliver the product to you when they come in. It started out with a $99 investment and turned into so much more.  I love helping people see the opportunity and helping them to reach their goals. If you are interested in this opportunity please let me know. I want to help people live to work not work to live.  Don't just dream it.... DO IT!!!